A European School for the education of a New Citizen

Summary of the project



At the moment the idea itself of Europe is in crisis. The deep economic crisis that has gone through many states of the European Union has deeply influenced the negative judgment on Europe that is indicated by many as one of the causes of the current difficulty. The young people of our days growing up in an environment uncertain from the economic point of view, loose confidence in themselves and in their ability to build their own future. The uncertainty feeds a reciprocal mistrust and consequntly the plans addressed to build a true European Union. The project starts from the assumption that the school can do a lot to reverse this trend by helping to give to young people a new confidence toward Europe.

The project therefore aims to achieve the goal of built new educational programs that are intended to stimulate in young people positive attitudes towards the idea of Europe. The economic recovery, the growth and development can be activated only within the context of the European Union, in which all nations work together peacefully for the goal of human, social and economic development of the continent. The prerequisite for the realization of this is the mutual knowledge of the peoples of Europe between them. That increases mutual understanding, reduces mistrust and increases the ability to cooperate for common goals.

This idea, that the European identity born from the mutual understanding of different national identities that make up the European mosaic, has already been experienced by the working group that presents this project. In fact, teachers who present the project have already worked together directly and indirectly through virtual platforms. With this project we want it to capitalize the expertise gained by the working group in recent past, to reach new and important objectives.

 Objective of the project

The aim of this project is the preparation of educational tools and paths that can strengthen young students in their identity as Europeans and their cultural heritage, in the belief that acceptance of diversity and the comparison between different culturales heritages, steps to a full awareness of their own values and culture. The project starts in schools and is targeted at schools. The aim is to bring together schools from different countries, different in culture, traditions, civil and human dimension. The comparison with different cultural traditions will serve to strengthen own identity and to develop the values of integration and active participation in the European dimension. The school has become a place in which to consolidate the powers of the European citizen. The main objective is to contribute to the formation of a new type of student, teacher, school and citizens whose mind is open to collaboration and cooperation, to the sharing of typical values of a European dimension.